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LMS Thinking Review 3 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Thursday 7 November, 2013
Today, LMS Thinking outline 3 habits of highly successful entrepreneurs. Managing Director of LMS Thinking, Tim Kennedy , reveals these habits as: great at finding a niche, turn obstacles into assets and pro’s at team building and outlines why these are essential for success.

Sydney-based LMS Thinking, a leading outsourced direct marketing firm, today announced their outline of the 3 habits that successful entrepreneurs look for and employ. Entrepreneur and Managing Director of LMS Thinking, Tim Kennedy founded the firm back in 2007 and has since increased customer acquisition rates for companies across the UK, USA and Australian markets.

An entrepreneur is one who ‘undertakes enterprise’. The term puts emphasis on the risk and effort of individuals who own and manage a business, and on the innovations that result from their pursuit of economic success. Entrepreneur Tim Kennedy outlines the 3 habits that are identified as common denominators in highly successful entrepreneurs.

Successful people work hard at what they have at hand and try to use everything at their disposal in achieving their goals. However, there are certain tips and helpful advice to ensure each goal is achieved. LMS Thinking’s MD Tim Kennedy outlines these 3 top habits of successful entrepreneurs as; Great at finding a niche, Turn obstacles into assets and Pro’s at team building.

1. Great at Finding a Niche
Ideas are easy. And new ideas are plentiful so they are not worth very much and as with everything else if there is a glut of ideas the value of the product goes down. A successful entrepreneur will see a demand or need for a product and fill the gap. This gap is filled with customers willing to buy the product. ‘If you can discover a market niche you can make a fortune,’ claims Tim Kennedy.

2. Turn Obstacles Into Assets
The best entrepreneurs believe and act as if everything is a gift and will learn from every experience. If this mentality is applied, obstacles will force an individual to become creative; and creativity and innovation is a key attribute for success in business.

3. Pro’s at Team Building
Delegation is key and being a great leader plays an important role in the success of building a team. Team building allows businesses to bring out the best in their people and produce the best possible results by working together. Highly successful entrepreneurs will promote team building in the work place. Research has shown how team building and specially planned activities contribute far more to the welfare, productivity and morale of employees and to the success of a business.

Regardless of a person’s definition of success, there are a great number of common characteristics that are shared by successful business people. At LMS Thinking, the firm consider these as the 3 habits that are found within highly successful entrepreneurs and encourage individuals that see these characters within themselves to apply them to build a successful business.


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